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 After graduating top of her class from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Giedre Miller worked in hospitality design at Tihany Designs NY. In 2012, Giedre moved her design skills to Princeton, New Jersey, where she worked in creating personal residential designs, spas and retail. Starting from 2016, Giedre was able to broaden her design and projects outside of the US, having since completed office and studio designs in London, England, and residential designs in Vilnius, Lithuania. 

Alongside designing, Giedre Miller has an MA in Art and Culture Management from King’s College London. With this degree, Giedre not only has knowledge of how to utilize a space and color, but also how to curate and match artworks and paintings in the rooms she designs. Giedre prides herself in her ability to create detailed spaces that suit and adhere to the customer’s preference. She is a team player, and is ready and willing to help her customer’s imagination come to life with her expertise and vast knowledge of the design and art worlds.


King's College of London

Graduated from King's College of London, located in London, UK with a Masters of the Arts in Curational design. This education allowed me to be proficient in understanding how to recognize, curate and combine artworks in a space. I have experience now in gallery curational work as well as designing spaces around pieces of art, due to the education I recieved for this degree.

Fashion Institute of Technology

Graduated from FIT located in New York City, NY with a Bachelor of the Arts in Interior Design. This education allowed me to be proficient in drafting, curational skills, understanding of space and aesthetic and the psychological components of designing a space.

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